The transactional gateway technology is our main tool and the core of our business. With her, guarantee the flow of information, ensuring constant communication, reliable, safe, efficient and integrated to simplify and reduce the cost of reconciliation processes and control, allowing online trading, unrestricted obvious customer-generated traffic, or format input and output.



  • Combines elements of Java, Oracle and ANSI C.
  • Multiple operating systems.
  • Interaction with different technologies and various means of telecommunication.
  • Integration using multiple connectors.
  • Heterogeneous parallel operations in a single operator.
  • Highly transactional, process over 1,000,000 transactions month daily average of 35.000.


aplicacion-operativaBuilt to the highest standards of software engineering. Allows safe operation, control mechanisms that ensure the reliability and integrity of both the information and the processes for all parties.
The centralized operating module allows you to configure the information base for the operation and special authorizations processes: users of the system, schedules, geographic locations and branches, cash management, management of third parties (customers-suppliers-correspondents); cost tables and prices, special authorities and locks, accounting and financial management, management of accounts receivables and liabilities, cargo inventory of products for collection.
The module for the user allows the execution of daily operations in each transaction points: startup and shutdown of operations, cash operations, collection of payments, disbursement of payment orders, transactions in accounts receivables, accounts operations liabilities, and progress reports and closing daily.


datacenterTo comply with any proposed technique requires a significant investment in additional hardware and software. To do this and ensure ample coverage of world standards the concept of business continuity, providing information secure, always available, reliable, and constant updating of hardware and software, we base our operation in a Data Center has all the physical and technological features that a transaction of this size demand.





  • Operation from Level 3 DataCenter. TIA / EIA 942.
  • BCP (Business Continuity).
  • Physical Security - Model of four rings.
  • 675KVA and 375KVA Power Plants.
  • Monitoring: Firewall + + Mission Critical Service Desk.
  • Back Up routine: day, week, month.
  • Telecommunications redundant.
  • External Circular 052 CFS.
  • WAR Laboratory.


  • Radio links with antennas.
  • Point of Access Data Center.
  • Replica point on the main hill.
  • Bandwidth 14MB average.

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