Technological operation of facilities housed in a Data Center, which comfortably meets the international standard TIA / EIA 942 (Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard for Data Centers), the governing standard in business continuity and exceeds the requirements of Circular 52 of the SFC.

FastTrack strategically chose this option as a way to focus their resources on differentiating factors of your technical proposal and maintain its low-tech operation.

Operation based on the use FastTrack Suite: a powerful and versatile tool that includes a transactional gateway, with ESB technology, designed by its engineers combine the latest technology (Java, Oracle and ANSI C).

FastTrack transactional gateway is capable of receiving data originating from different types of transactions, generating business and specialties of different scales, with different destinations, and route them to the end user of this information in a safe, integrated and online, without risks customer, or business channel that gives rise to the business.

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