comunicacionWe provide financial software technology solutions with an entire modern platform build with infrastructure and telecommunications to fix (PC, MAC) and mobile devices. Also we offer IAAS  (Infrastructure – as –a – Service) and SAAS (Software –as- a Service).



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Host to Host Solutions - Data Integration and Data Transformation


In the same way that an airline HUB receives passengers from all over the world, who travel in different types of aircrafts, reaching different destinations; FASTTRACK payment gateway receives data from different types of payment transactions, from different scale businesses, in a safe and reliable way, avoiding risks for the final customer.


Payment Gateway Solutions


FastTrack® provides a safe payment gateway using any credit card. This service also includes PSE, which guarantees a safe payment to any checking  or savings account. This service works with the whole   colombian banking network.

Payment and Collection Solutions


This is a product that was created to operate any money transactions, regardless of the type of company and customers needs. Available for MAC, PC and mobile devices.


Document digitalization


After document indexing and digitalization, information is stored in a wide database so users can access it in an easy and reliable way.

Biometric signature and picture

This solution can be set up as a customized modular system, to help the integration with any system that requires biometric information such as digital signatures and pictures. This solution can be also be used with our document digitalization service.

Development of customized solutions

Other services


Most financial companies use this kind of solution to open their portfolio in other target markets, offering: different categories of life insurance, mobile and pin numbers for long distance calls.

Electronic invoicing and specialized business transport


This solution is developed for specialized transport companies; the payment of their service is electronically registered  using SMS. Electronic invoicing provides the payment infrastructure life cycle from the driver,  it becomes part of a large lot of information the ability to produce electronic invoicing to each of the customers and partner companies.

Inventory control and management


Inventory control and management

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