Payment and Collection Solutions

Each service configuration is done using a strong platform with a large range of integrated technologies. We highlight below some services of government payment methods focused in public services, financial services, payroll systems, pension and subsidies:


  • Bank Agent: Integration and control solutions  for money payment and collection directly to your bank agent.

  • Mobile device operators: Mobile device solutions for different payment gateways.

  • Money Transactions (Collections and Payments Variability): Solutions to any banking and finance transaction, as payment extensions for collection companies; collects, processes  and delivers information in any format required by customers in different payment methods (Cash, check, debit and credit card). This applies for collection and payment authorized channels and also for the entities that generate the payment.

    This product makes it possible for cash extensions and bank correspondents to work on desktop computers and smart pones.

    This product can include Biometrics, digital signature and document digitalization.

  • Conciliation and Control Centers: solutions that allow capture, processing and visualization of information results according to previous customers settings and configuration.

This service digitalizes documents, captures information, makes distribution calculation, generates reports displays, flat files and image generation for a wide range of different output platforms.

  • Foreign remittances and national drafts: Independent and settable parameters in three modules.
    • Foreign remittance: Allows the administration of the different stages of remittances).
    • National drafts: administrates the different stages of the money in the national territory.
    • Purchase  and sale of foreign currency.

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